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"If it can't go in my mouth, it doesn't belong on my skin"

The Makings of

Kalm Korner by Kehinde

Kehinde Koyejo created Kalm Korner by Kehinde in 2016 to compliment the services she provides through her consulting company, the Artist SelfCare Guide, LLC at the request of her clients and participants.

She combined her love for food-grade skin-care and the magic of aromatherapy to design products that improves skin quality as well as assist with stress and burnout management.


The Oakland, CA native began using food on her skin at the age of 17 when she became curious about the ingredients found in the skin & hair products she loved so much. She made it a practice to read the back of products and look up the ingredients. 75% of mainstream products marketed to Black women are considered toxic.

"If your skin-care products can not go in your mouth,  should they go on your skin?" 

Our skin is the body's largest organ. It matters greatly what we feed our skin, which is why Kehinde developed skin-care made from all-natural ingredients found in most kitchens and gardens. We do not recommend you eat our products but if you did, it would not harm you or your loved ones.

Our products are crafted safely, by hand, in small batches with simple & conscious ingredients that make it possible to offer high quality products at an accessible price point.

Kalm Korner by Kehinde is a testament to the power of healing, and a reflection of the love, appreciation, and admiration Kehinde has for her Sista-Queens of all backgrounds from all cultures, through time.   

We curate whole-life health experiences, from non-toxic-beauty-and-wellness buys, to monthly conversations on holistic living, to business opportunities that enhance & expand the lives of Women of African descent & their families around the globe.


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​Oakland, California

Calming & Exfoliating Face Scrub

Lavender Coconut Milk, 2 oz.

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