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Kehinde Koyejo is the founder of the Artist Self-Care Guide (ASCG) and owner of kalm korner by kehinde. Kehinde enjoys empowering people with holistic tools and strategies for managing stress and preventing burnout. She is committed to educating everyone, especially artists about mental and emotional health in deep, authentic, and ongoing ways so as to guide more people towards self-healing and self-preservation.

Kehinde was called to this work after losing her sister to an accidental overdose at a time when a wave of celebrity artists also died by suicide or overdose. Her sister's death forced Kehinde to confront her deep mental and emotional distress. She made the choice to use this tragedy to help herself, and others just like her, even though her journey to self-healing and self- discovery began in a time of deep pain.


kalm korner by kehinde is an extention of the Artist SelfCare Guide providing participants with the opportuity to purchase some of the tools and remedies discussed in Kehinde's Gureilla SelfCare Training. Her theraputic bodycare line is a gift of kalm to every individual dealing with daily stress, living with anxiety and depression, and those serching for a holistic alternative to feeling better. To understand why she created kalm korner by kehinde it is helpful to know a little about her journey and the woman who inspired her.


Kehinde is one of 6 children (all girls) and was born a twin. She showed signs of being an artists at a very early age and went on to pursue a career as an actress. She has worked with countless artists and has worked successfully in both theater and film. Kehinde's need to act was fueld by a traumatic experience she had when she was12 years old. One day, while practicing for a double dutch tornament, a gang war errupted and a stray bullet claimed the life of her best friend. She was only 16 years old. As a result, Kehinde developed PSD (post-traumatic-syndrome) and lived with frequent bouts of depression and anxiety. Her desire to escape the reality of her life and the haunted memory of her past lead her to the stage. Although she did not know at the time, this tragic experience and her mother's examples of healing was preparing Kehinde for her higher work.


Kehinde grew up around women in the church who were holistic healers. As a child, she witnessed her mother wean herself off of anti-depressants -after 9 years of use. Her mother healed herself with herbs, aromatherapy, diet, mental strength and faith. This memory gave Kehinde the proof and determination she needed to began her own journey of healing. One of Kehinde's earliest menories of the power of aromatherapy is her mother sitting in the car or at home with a lavender scented cotton ball under her nose to help with her anxiety. Her mother never gave up on herself or her desire to live her life "in color" oppose the the gray one she had been living as a result of her traumatic childhood.  


During grad school Kehinde's anxiety and depression elevated. Her mother introduce her to Critical Holy Basil, a holistic remedy for treating depression. This powerful herb brought Kehinde relief and lifted her mood enough for her to complete her degree. A couple of years after graduating form New York University with a masters in Performance Studies, Kehinde found herself pregnant and in an unhealthy relationship. Her depression and anxiety was threathening to destroy her but Kehinde was determined to be a happy mama and raise a happy and emotional healthy child.


After leaving the relationship she found herslef at a cross road with no place to stay, no money or adequate medical insurance. She was told it would take 6 months to see a therapist after she declined their offer to start her on an anti-depressant. Kehinde had to make a choice: let this darkness consume her like it consumed her sister and many others or rise above the ashes and create a life of infinit possibilities. She choose the latter.


Kehinde read everything she could on holistic remedies for treating trauma, managing stress and preventing burnout. Before she knew it she had tried and tested many herbs and remedies and experienced great benefits without any adverse side effects or dangers. She noticed the tremendous difference in her emotional health by eliminating toxic foods from her diet and replacing them with whole foods. Kehinde started reading ingredients/labels and learned what ingredients were feeding her depression and anxiety. To build her mental strength, she meditated, chanted, read, showed acts of kindness, and welcomed opportunites to face her fears. Today, her and her mother are living happier, healthier and more sustainable lifestyles. And her daughter, Ololade Celeste, is a healthy and happy child full of light and love. 


The road of healing is a journey towards freedom.




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