Our "Good Vibes" Emerald & Clear Quartz Gem Water is a great addition to your daily self-care ritual. Theses magical crystal are known to assist you in finding peace, direction, unity with partner, and encourages growth and harmony. Enjoy the refreshing aroma of cool mint.

2 oz. "Good Vibes" Emerald & Clear Quartz Gem Water

  • Set your intentions (goal) for this bottle of Gem Water and then and use. Each bottle has been charged in the moon for extra magic. Close your eyes, spritz, and enjoy the magical benefits of your high vibration water crystal water. Can be used directly on the face, body, clothing, environment, etc. to cleanse and improve energy.

    Tip: For a cool and refreshing misting experience, store in the refrigerator!

  • Distilled Water, Clear Quartz Gem Chips, Emerald Gem Chips, Pure Pepermint Essential Oil, and hella love.




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