Our delicious organic KALM Tea Blend is a great addition to any self-care rituals or routines. Need to relax after a long day? or Unwind after stressful week? Have a restless little one or just need a little help to uplift your mood? Treat yourself or your loved one to a cup of our lavender and rose tea blend and enjoy.

2 oz. Organic Loose Lavender + Rose KALM Tea Blend

  • Steep 1/2-1 tbsp in 6-8 oz. of hot water. Add a little honey or coconut sugar to taste. Serve hot or cold.

  • Rose and Lavender have the following natural benefits:

    Reduces Anxiety and Emotional Stress

    Improves Brain Function

    Improves Sleep

    Alleviates Headaches 

    High Source of Antioxidants

    Relieves Pain and Inflammation

    Calms and Relaxes Mind and Body




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