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Kalm Korner by Kehinde

As far back as I can remember I have been surrounded by women who are holistic healers. I witnessed my mother heal from her childhood trauma, and she did it with herbs, whole foods and the love and support of her sisterhood. I have very fond memories of my mom with a lavender-essential-oil cotton ball under her nose to calm her anxiety while she raised six daughters. As I got older, and more disconnected from myself and the earth,  I became dependent on the ways of western medicine doctors, and pharmaceuticals. I had forgotten my power to heal, and the concept of whole-life health, that everything we consume and experience impacts our health and ultimately robs us of living happy, healthy, and sustainable lives.


In 2011, my mom introduced me to an herb called Super Critical Holy Basil, to help me treat my depression while I was at New York University studying for my masters. I could not believe the shift in my energy after the first week, and by the second week I felt back to myself; full of motivation with my familiar love for life.  Slowly, I began to tap into the magic of herbs, aromatherapy and foods that helped me feel better.


Feeling better was one thing, but confronting my own mental health was another. When my sister died unexpectedly in 2013 from an over-dose of anti-depressants, one day shy of her 50th birthday, my whole world crumbled and it was then my own healing journey began.


After giving birth to my daughter in 2015, and going through the darkest time of my life, I instinctively turned to my mother, my first herbalist and holistic teacher and mother earth for the knowledge, tools and natural remedies to heal my mind, body and soul. Today, I experience my life on my  terms; healthy, happy, and free! 


Kalm Korner by Kehinde is a testament to the power of healing, and a reflection of the love, appreciation, and admiration I have for my Sista-Queens of all backgrounds from all cultures, through time.   

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